Letter To The Bolton News - Jan 11

Regarding O. A. Davies letter to the Bolton News 31/1/2011.

You don’t seem to want the party’s to play party politics, but you do yourself. You are telling the Labour council to get real about the cuts.

You’re blaming the previous Labour government for the financial crisis. These are politic points. Everyone knows the banks were to blame for the crash. Which is of course world-wide. The points made in previous columns bare this out. Only Tory’s and Liberals blame the government. All independent and free thinking people realise it was the banks. Get off your political soapbox!

As for some of your points:

Cutting Councillors from 3 to 2. Nice punchy headline. But where is the evidence, other than the obvious (it will save money), that this will improve representation? You don’t give any proof.

What about abolishing non-jobs? Self-serving headlines in tabloids don’t serve anyone very well. Yes, evaluate the jobs but let’s not jump on bandwagons provided by, essentially, the red-tops who care little except for the next day’s headlines. Remember, its services and livelihoods we’re talking about.

How about a cut in salaries? A minimum of a 10per cent cut for everyone other than bin-men? Why do they get away scott-free? Are we not all in this together?

Wow! A 30 per cent cut in administration and management! Plucked from the air, was it? Or has Mr Pickles in London dreamt that up? Massive reduction as it is, but would it make services and employment in the town better?

What the people of this town have to realise, is that these Councillors are making very very difficult choices. I can’t imagine it’s easy for any of them, unless of course they believe that all services and jobs should be out-sourced (that’s privatised, by the way), that everyone can afford the care they need, that people should make a handsome profit from the supply of essential services. If they are of that ilk, then they must be very happy indeed.